It all about leveraging aesthetics & usability!

It is essential to have great user experience as well as stating a message for your business. Listed in this post is what is big in 2014 in web design.

Simple and Flat Designs

2014 will see website designers focussing on clear and clutter free websites from both content and design point of view. Content focussed web designs with clear fonts will rule. Flat designs have been popular in 2013 and will continue to dominate design rules even in 2014. Starting from flat buttons to an entire flat user interface, designers will liberally use simple colours and fonts with minimal use of fancy 3D and shadow effects.

Design that narrates a story

2014 will see designers focus on the storytelling approach. Websites will become less content heavy with use of crisp, compelling and updated content along with attractive images and videos to convey message to customers in the form of an interesting tale.

Larger Hero areas

Website designs will focus on seeking visitor attention with attractive intros on the home page. Bigger hero area with more of images and little text will dominate over slider designs in 2014.

Scroll friendly

Web Designs in 2014 will focus on organization of content in separate folds with easy scrolling. Designers will use a lot of Parallax, column based and horizontal scrolling for enhanced user experience.

High quality images

With images becoming affordable and easily accessible 2014 will see web designers using more of high quality and unique images.

Background Videos

Background videos are creating waves and business will use more of video storytelling in 2014. Let your customers and prospects get a detailed insight about your business and brand using a stunning video that takes up the entire screen space.

Responsive Designs

With the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones web designers will emphasise on mobile responsive website designs. Responsiveness is not about squeezing the content to fit it to the desired screen size. It is more about making changes to your website design for effective storytelling. 2014 will see an increase in website designs customized for specific mobile devices.

Data Representation using Info graphics

2014 will see an increased use of infographics in website designs. Infographics are an emerging trend as they help grab user attention, squeeze a lot of information in a little space and are not heavy on your pocket as well.

Get ready for simple and responsive website designs with added focus on quality images, videos and infographics.

I often get asked a very simple question; “Do I need a Website?”, well the answer is very simple. Of course not!

That is if you do not want to grow your business, compete with your competitors or look like you are remotely interested in expanding your knowledge not only in the digital space, but in general. After all, if a business doesn’t have a website in this day and age don’t we automatically wonder how antiquated they day to day business skills are? Of course we do, we like to know that the people we do business with are at the cutting edge of all aspects of their business, and the digital presence is one of those aspects.

All of that aside, what would possibly be the reason to not have a website? This I find amazing, that even these days some people do not believe they need a website for their business, they are so convinced that all their business is from the old “word of mouth” that they don’t need to waste the money on a site. All I say to that is, fine, but consider the future, not the present. Of course your current business may come via referrals etc. but in the future it wont. Even if your name is given by word of mouth do you not think that the person hearing your business name isn’t going to do some research on Google? Of course they will, and increasingly so.

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