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Here are a few of web design pushes we will continue to see this year. It is a bit of a follow up piece from Web Design 2014. Designers are doing the opposite to traditional process of creating the design and then filling in the content. Now the trend is to design the the website around the content. We will also see the use of more hexagons in the designs which will replace the squares and circles used for elements in previous design inspirations.




As designers and optimisers we will also be trying to reduce the number of requests for elements but using repeating graphics and unified fonts. Reusing already loaded pictures where we can. Also doing lazy loading to show elements only when it is required to be shown on screen. Its also about reducing the load and not using flash animations  to reduce website sizes to below 2 megs as well as helping with how it will be presented and loaded in mobile devices by using HTML5 and CSS to achieve effects previously done by graphic intensive frames making up animations. This is further enforced by a further push for minimalist designs which has been a continued success for companies such as Apple. We can see this trend occurring as some may have  seen McDonalds has used the most minimalist advertising yet.




Designers are using a single-page look instead of multiple page assets and redundant loading. As the user scrolls down, the design segregates content by changing typography and background color. Users who require more information without scrolling can simply click on menu links that move the page down to the desired section. This gives a fluid experience which is visually coherent and accessible. Also with the trend of higher resolution monitors and retina displays higher resolution backgrounds and assets are being used to take advantage of the technologies and further providing astetically  pleasing web designs. As you can see with the My Digital Edge website, we have incorporated many of these ideas in our responsive design.



I often get asked a very simple question; “Do I need a Website?”, well the answer is very simple. Of course not!

That is if you do not want to grow your business, compete with your competitors or look like you are remotely interested in expanding your knowledge not only in the digital space, but in general. After all, if a business doesn’t have a website in this day and age don’t we automatically wonder how antiquated they day to day business skills are? Of course we do, we like to know that the people we do business with are at the cutting edge of all aspects of their business, and the digital presence is one of those aspects.

All of that aside, what would possibly be the reason to not have a website? This I find amazing, that even these days some people do not believe they need a website for their business, they are so convinced that all their business is from the old “word of mouth” that they don’t need to waste the money on a site. All I say to that is, fine, but consider the future, not the present. Of course your current business may come via referrals etc. but in the future it wont. Even if your name is given by word of mouth do you not think that the person hearing your business name isn’t going to do some research on Google? Of course they will, and increasingly so.

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