Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your Problem: You want to be able to communicate directly with your customers and/or clients but don’t have the time to send out personalized emails or make phone calls.

Our Solution: It’s time for your company to get social. Fact: With over 900 million active monthly users, and 2.7 billion “Likes” per day, Facebook is becoming the go to place for customers to follow and engage with their favorite brands and businesses. Fact: Twitter has over 140 million active users and gets 300,000 new visitors everyday. There are 11 new accounts created every second and 1 million accounts are added everyday. People are talking about your business. You can control the buzz and let us spread the good news. Protect your brand and grow your customer base with a customized social media strategy from one of our professional social media strategists. You can’t afford to miss the social media movement. If you put it off, your competitors, and customers, will go on without you. Where else can you speak directly to current and potential customers, increase your customer service, and promote new deals? Our social media strategies are proven to increase your web presence, and provide you with new streams of customers that used to be inaccessible.

Social Media Strategy

At MyDigitalEdge, we follow a four step process to effectively increase your social footprint.

1) Review

We will audit your current social media strategy and make recommendations based on its effectiveness and reach.

2) Develop

Together, we will develop a social media strategy and plan of attack based on:

  • What social networks fit your company?
  • What industry and region do you want to specialize in?
  • What type of identity fits your company? In other words, let’s create a personality for your brand i.e. humorous, laid back, aggressive etc.

3) Execute

We will create professionally-optimized profiles on your networks of choice. We will improve the look, design, content, reach and search engine optimization (SEO) contributions that each profile adds to your company website. We’ll also create and manage your corporate blog and promote it through your social profiles, and can even add it to your website.

4) Support

Apparently, 90% of the ‘other guys’ don’t monitor and report social media return on investment (ROI) to their clients. We’re not like them. We’ll provide you with monthly analytic reports of your social profiles, and show you which networks are driving traffic. Contact us today to get a quote!


Contact us for a chat, we’re nice! We’ll discuss your target market, your business offering, and show you how our digital solutions can help you generate new relationships, more enquiries, more business and sales. Tell us about your business and what type of clients you are looking for, and where. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0411 800 807


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